List of documents required for a Student Visa application

in Rio de Janeiro

Before you begin your application, please apply for a CPF as you will need it for the next step:

1. Official identification (passport);

2. 1 ID photo (size 3cm x 4cm);

3. Original birth certificate and/or marriage certificate (apostilled) or consular registration. Note: you must have a document with the names of both parents – this is essential. If you use your Birth Certificate this must be legalised – you need to get an ‘Apostille’ from the country of origin and will also need to get an Official Public Translator to translate the document into Portuguese. For translations, please visit and select the language you need.

4. Criminal record of the country where you have lived in the last 5 years, also to be translated by a sworn translator.

5. Brazilian criminal records: (applicable if you have been here for more than 90 days).

You have a free option (a) and a paid option (b):

  1. Free option (6 to 9 days)

Go to the center of Rio, 97 Avenida Almirante Barroso, 1rst floor.

At this address, you will be able to apply for 3 judicial lockers N°1,2 and 4.

Then they will give you a ticket to go and get the 4th locker, two blocks across the street, where you must make your request to the people at the counter (not on the computers). You will have to come back to the same address to get these 3 documents.

You must have an identity document, your cpf, a comprovante de residência and you will be asked to fill in a certificate in your honor. This criminal record (N°3) will be given to you 2 days later at the same address.

b) Paying option online (faster: 4 to 6 days delay, about R$450)

-Go to select “Certidao e-Cartorio J”- “Registros de distribuição”

-In the left column, select “Civis e Criminais”.

-Of the three options, select “Certidao Criminal Periodo 20 anos

-Select all the documents (1,2,3 and 4) and fill in your personal information

-You will be directed to a window that invites you to create an account, then you will have to fill in the requested information as you go along. Foreign cards are generally not accepted, choose instead the payment method “Boleto” to print and pay the 4 taxes in any bank or loteria.

-You will receive your criminal records within 4 to 6 days, in your online account. (Remember to register your identifiers).

6. Letter of Acceptance from Idiomas Rio School – A letter provided by the school that proves your enrollment. You will need to take this document to the Cartorio, near the school: Av. Nossa Sra. de Copacabana, 895 – Copacabana and ask for a reconhecimento de firma (approximately R$9).

7. Proof of residence in Brazil: Rental contract signed by two witnesses or if you live with someone: declaration of that person that you live with him/her (take to the cartorio where the signature of that person is registered to ask for a reconhecimento de firma, also attach an identity card of that person and a recent bill (electricity, gas).

8. Proof of financial capacity: Salary slip or bank statement (the Policia Federal does not provide details of the amount required, but make sure it is sufficient for the duration of the stay: an amount of 700 euros per month multiplied by the number of months of your requested visa is a good reference. 

9. Forms to be printed and filled out by hand:

a)The contact form :

declaracao-eletronica-e-demais-meios-de-contato.pdf (;

b) The form for the declaration of absence of criminal record:

c) Declaration form:

10. Proof of payment of taxes for autorização de residência (R$ 168,13 – Código 140066) and emissão da Carteira de Registro Nacional Migratório (R$ 204,77 – Código 140120) to be filled out and printed here and paid at any bank or loteria (please attach receipts of payment): GRU / Departamento de Polícia Federal (

11. Student visa application form and appointment to be scheduled :

Completed and printed application form (Sistema de Registro Nacional Migratório).

SISMIGRA 1.66.6 – 01/12/2021 13:52 (

TIPS FOR COMPLETION: Page 1 of the personal data – you are asked for a CPF number. If you do not have one, leave it blank. Page 1 of the personal data – Main occupation – type 930 – Estudante (it appears and click on it). Personal Data Page 1 – Filiation – this is the full names of both your parents (all documents in Brazil require the full names of your parents). Registration Page – RNM – Leave the entire “dados do RNM” field as is – the “no” box will automatically be checked. Address page – fill in everything and go to “next”. Declaration page – accept the conditions, fill in the security number code and save the document.

Don’t hesitate to contact Idiomas Rio for further information.

+55 (21) 3256-4002@idiomasrioFacebook Idiomas Rio

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