The secret paradises of the Cariocas

No need to introduce Rio de Janeiro, also called the Cidade Maravilhosa (which bears its name
very well!). If you’ve been here, you probably know the most famous places: Copacabana,
Ipanema, Corcovado, Sugar Loaf… But there are still a few places you may not suspect! I
conducted my investigation to find little secret paradises that will allow you to divert away from
the most touristic places.

1. Ilha da Gigoia

Can you imagine a pretty peaceful island in the middle of two very populated districts of Rio? Welcome to Ilha da Gigoia! Located in Barra de Tijuca, you can access it with a small barge. On the island, you can stop in a bar, take a short boat trip between the 6 other islands that surround it and even see crocodiles! Ideal for cutting yourself off from the world for a day.

2. Praia do secreto

Its name says it all! Discovered only a few years ago, the beach is actually not so secret
anymore. In any case, it’s unique to the other beaches and for that, it still deserves its place in
this list. Located between Praia de Macumba and Prainha, it is a real natural pool of a few
meters which forms between two rocks. Even more so for the sunset which is really magnificent
from the beach (yes, one more in Rio de Janeiro…). Be careful though because the access is a
bit steep and can be dangerous.

3. Ilhas Tijucas

You have surely noticed the number of islands here in Rio. Maybe you’ve never heard of these before? These are two small islands side by side in the middle of an archipelago between São Conrado and Barra de Tijuca. Clear water, green vegetation and full of animals: another little corner of paradise! This place is great for stand up paddle or diving, and there is incredible marine life!

4. Trilha Pedra Bonita

Now, sport… but a little bit of walking is enough! In just 45 minutes (uphill) in the Tijuca National Park you will arrive at Pedra Bonita, located just in front of the famous Pedra Gávea. However, far fewer people know about it. Once at the top, after a trail in the heart of a dense jungle-like forest, you will have a superb view of Rio. You may be lucky enough to observe hang gliding that often fly there and you will undoubtedly come across many animals such as monkeys and giant butterflies.

Rio de Janeiro surprendra toujours par ces lieux magnifiques à n’en plus finir. C’est pour moi la plus belle ville que j’ai pu visiter. Et ce qu’il y a de bien, c’est que tous ces endroits ne sont pas loin de l’école Idiomas Rio ! Un petit tour après les cours, vous en pensez quoi

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